The Madness to my Method

I relate more to monsters and creatures than I do people. Somehow, these caricatures of human traits seem much more real, more beautiful, more complex than the people who formed their existence. They emerge out of the in-betweens of civilization to bare themselves to someone who empathizes and loves them. From their fleeting appearances to me, I am able to pull them forth into this world through my craft. However, these beings cannot exist in our realm on their own, which is why I must also build a familiar universe around them that they may inhabit. Thusly, the beast and its domain have come into our space through my hand. I investigate the boundary between human and inhuman to explore the patchwork of the self, to design characters both internally and externally, and to create entire worlds of theatrical bizarreness.  

Human beings exist as diverse amalgamations of certain physical and mental traits that merge to create a whole person. when one is given a persona, a specific group of these traits may be heightened far more than they would be in everyday life. Different personas bring out separate groups of traits and personality clusters, discovering hidden psychological parts of ourselves. Inhabiting these different personas relieves stresses that build up within different parts of the brain. Tapping into those meaningful traits is what drives me and my work.  I make it my job to investigate the therapeutic nature of emotionally explorative escapism through the immersive artwork that I bring into being.


In the work that I create, I gravitate heavily towards mythology as it gives me a widow into the societal views of the time period through fantasy. I use these cultural cornerstones of societies past in order to construct my very own personal bestiary. To create my various environments, I use an assortment of materials and techniques. More specifically, I prefer to use found or recycled materials as much as possible. I enjoy the challenge of working with materials that aren’t necessarily perfect, I find it helps a character or idea transform into something more dynamic. Plus, there’s something about turning something worthless into something beautiful that I can relate to on an emotional level.